Sunday, June 6, 2010

Corrupt Negro Hangs Himself (Politically)

(Pictured above is mayor Steve Benjamin, holding a future "baby mama" for some lucky black man)

There is an old saying: "Give them enough rope and they will hang themselves." This old adage is appropriate for blacks generally, but doubly appropriate for those in public life. Before the election of Mayor Steve Benjamin, there was outcry from some fringe members of the white community, who spray-painted "No Nigger Mayor" where it could be prominently viewed downtown. Racism, of course, proved unnecessary to derail the "mandate for change" (re: elect as many black people as possible) since, like Kwayme Kilpatrick, the mayor has proved that the most destructive force to black people is black people.

The mayor was recently involved in a nasty two-car collision, which left a woman in critical condition. Columbia's police chief, Tandy Carter, also black and also corrupt, has now been ousted for covering up the incident and, in negro parlance, "letting a brotha slide."

As for the Mayor, Steve Benjamin, he remains in office, as he has not, of this writing, admitted to or been caught engaging in crack-cocaine binges at the Hyatt with several white women. He has, however, released a statement saying that he "thought" that the headlights were on in his SUV when he nearly took another woman's life due to his negligence.

Mr. Benjamin should recover nicely from this incident and should not only remain mayor, but probably win his reelection for some obvious reasons. Firstly, Columbia is over 30% black, as stated before, and blacks tend to vote for blacks, provided they are democrats. Also, due to chronic high unemployment above national average indexes for all other races, many black people do not have to take off work to get involved in local politics, since they were never employed in the first place.

Historically Black Hell Hole


Columbia in the Lowest 2% for National Safety Average. Negro College Adds to Misery.

That's right, residents of Columbia, South Carolina. Your city has almost six times as much violent crime as other American cities, with an average of 77 rapes, over 400 robberies, and 900 assaults per roughly 100,000 residents. Most of the crime is concentrated in certain neighborhoods.

The area around Benedict College is one of the most crime-ridden areas in the entire city; it is roughly fifteen times as dangerous as the Cedar Creek/ Bookman area.

At this point the reader may be wondering, what is Benedict College, and why would an area surrounding a supposed institution of higher learning increase the crime rate? Generally speaking, as any city planner will tell you, some sorts of enterprises lower crime rates, while others attract unwanted elements and devalue property.

Traditionally, liquor stores, gentleman's clubs, bail bondsmen, credit loan centers, and pawn shops attract danger. One can now add "Historically Black Universities" to the list of things that are generally destructive.

According to their website,, the college is committed to "preparing students to be powers for good in society." According to an enterprising, anonymous student who has started his own website, "Benedict is the shit...literally." He goes on to clarify: "Benedict is a shit hole, but its our shit hole, and aint nuthin better then wat we got." One can probably gain some sense of the woeful level of the English program by the student's misuse of the language in the above cited sentence. Or maybe, God forbid, the site was started by some teacher, a tenured professor who realized that attempting to socialize the Negroes was a hopeless cause.

This author, a former resident of Columbia, SC, can attest to that firsthand. I returned to the city after four years in the Army, with a tour in Iraq at the tail end of my obligation. When I returned home, I found the city as miserable, if not even worse, than when I left it. Columbia is almost fifty percent black, and whenever Negroes appear in more than their allotted 13% of a general demographic, all hell breaks loose.

For evidence of this, please see the continent of Africa, the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, and now, the city of Columbia, South Carolina.

Thankfully I have vacated that hellhole, and am writing this from an undisclosed location in the Midwest. I have abandoned that glut of fried chicken franchises, section eight houses, and wandering masses of black, Obama worshiping zombies with their tacky hair weaves and unsightly gold grilles. But I have kept my wits about me, and will continue to post on a regular basis, keeping the humans (and maybe even Negroes) who follow my post abreast of the doings of the subhuman negro beasts who lay waste to everything they touch.

Until next time....

Avoid the 'Groid.